Unregistered securities (also known as Restricted Securities) refer to shares that are not registered to be publicly traded. Unregistered securities can take many forms, including private placements or promissory notes. In order for a security to be sold, it must be registered with the SEC, unless the seller is entitled to an exemption of the registration requirements. There are limited exemptions. Unregistered securities cannot be sold by you if you purchased them without you having an exemption to sell to another, so liquidity, or the ability to sell, is very limited. Unregistered securities are also usually highly risky.

Unregistered securities are only suitable for very sophisticated buyers or for wealthy people that understand all the risks involved. If you were sold an unregistered security and you lost money, you may have a claim.


Our firm has represented many individuals that have been sold unregistered securities. We have the understanding and knowledge to determine if exemptions existed that allow someone to sell you an unregistered security. Even if an exemption exists, when we interview you, we will determine if you were provided with full and fair disclosure of all the facts necessary for you to make an informed decision, and determine if the recommendation was suitable for your needs and objectives.

If we conclude you are a victim of the sale of an unregistered security and you’ve lost money as a result, once you hire us we will actively and aggressively pursue your claims. We have the skill to know how to obtain the best possible results for you. Our firm will fight hard to get you the recovery you deserve.


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