Unauthorized trading is securities fraud and it’s illegal unless you have a signed discretionary account. A broker cannot buy or sell a security for you unless you give him your authorization and consent to do so before the trade is executed. If a broker effects a trade for you without your prior consent he has engaged in unauthorized trading. Unauthorized trading constitutes a breach of the broker’s fiduciary duty, a breach of contract, and in many instances, a violation of securities laws. The unauthorized trades can be voided or rescinded and resulting losses can be recovered from your broker.

The requirement to get your authority for trades can be waived by giving your broker written authority to buy and sell securities on your behalf. This does not mean that every trade made under such discretionary trading authority is authorized. Even with written trading authority brokerage firms and brokers must still make only suitable investments.


Heiner Law Offices aggressively pursues unauthorized trading cases. We know what the law is and what determines an unauthorized trade. We have represented many victims of unauthorized trading and have recovered losses for our customers when brokers engage in this illegal conduct.

First you need to contact us and we will discuss the facts with you. If you have losses and we determine your broker traded your account without authorization, when you hire us, we will relentlessly pursue the broker or firm for all losses you suffered as a result. It is important that you retain competent, experienced counsel in order to increase your likelihood of the outcome you need. Our law firm has the knowledge and skill to prosecute this type of case. Our experience will increase your likelihood of recovery.


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